Recruitment Temporarily Closed

Aedan a posted 24 hours ago

Putting Things on Hold Until the Expansion

With the newest expansion to the game coming out soon(ish), we wish to hold off on recruiting for the time being. We may open it up once more prior to Shadowbringers' launch, but we make no promises.

Any applications that have been submitted and are currently pending an interview as of the time of this post will still be considered for approval and invite. Any application submitted after this point will be put on hold until our recruitment opens up once more. 

If you are still interested in joining during this 'hiring freeze', you are welcome to submit an application for consideration when we do open things back up.

Those That Are Here

In the mean time, for our members: Continue to visit this site for updated information regarding events and leves. Also, we highly encourage each of you to make an introduction thread in the introductions subforum of this site!

We look forward to getting to know each of you both in game and out!

Happy hunting!